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Benefits of offering a FLU vaccination clinic in the workplace

Doing what you can to contribute to your employees’ health this winter, is a smart business decision with economic benefits.

The flu virus thrives in the typical office environment and could infect at least one in four people this winter. This means 2to 5 days of absence, resulting in reduced productivity due to cough and fatigue, that may linger for weeks.

Research conducted by Nichol KL et al (1995) estimated that flu immunization in healthy working adults resulted in a:

What does an on-site flu vaccination clinic mean for your business?

What Santé Mobile A-1 has to offer your business?

A private flu clinic to meet your specific needs;
Scheduling flu shot clinic & managing all important details;
A  guaranteed professional service, with competitive vaccine prices.

For more information on organizing a flu clinic for your business, please fill out the following information and fax to us at 514-409-2475   or e-mail:

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